How do I define the art of taqubag good the art of dumbtag

How do I define the art of taqubag good the art of dumbtag and achieved a great physical income? How do I manage the art of the tissue and achieve a great physical income? A question posed by many persons from Ashiki creativity, as the dectagage is among

,the arts, which some are to decorate homes at the lowest costs and has recently witnessed a remarkable development, making it a sophisticated art of the rest of the global arts, and through this article

Definition of the art of dumb

Daisy-one simple and high-end arts at once-based paper clippings in decking and introducing some changes to the surfaces of all kinds, as follows: * Use paper clips in decorating ceramic dishes, metal and glass for output panel * Renew some furniture pieces by adding minor touches of colors and artistic graphics adopted by the wonderful cockpow art that transforms waste into value purposes. * The art of dumbnade of arts that do not require many possibilities and costs, where raw materials can be relied upon manually. * From the remains of simple raw materials can work wonderful artists to snatch attention, what enters the beauty on the place and gives him a unique new look with trendy decorations.

The tools used in the art of dictators

In order to exploit the art of tissuejag exploitation, an exhaustive and unprecedented technical environment, some of the requirements and tools that enable those wonderful decorative works, and from those tools, are: ** ** Scissors are easily used in cutting papers with a sharp or sharp arbitrator can be counted in determining the signs to be cut with all accuracy. ** Solid adhesive of glue or glue prepared for mouths, where timber glucose can be rely on after mitigating water if you are not available Duckjag gum.

** Any kind of surfaces, whether metal, wood or decorative dishes, glass panels, and other surfaces. ** Coating gives a wonderful aesthetic touches on the acts of dumbtag what is known as the varnish where he gives a lumen on the decorations that have been decorated. ** Types of soft multi-sizes for coloring and settings and setting the glue on surfaces without leaving any residue on sides. ** pieces of sponge to remove any remains can be shown after completion enabled artwork and get rid of any excess colors to show the artwork with the best forms.

Types of tecoag

There are many different types of cockpow art that was embodied in four types depending on the materials adopted in these artworks, including the following:

Decopage Collage

Of the species in which timber residues are collected and coordinated along to the formation of arranged forms that fit many tastes of higher technical owners, through which mural or accessories can be formed and can be studied with gemstones

Cockpag Clips

One of the most widespread species, as it is easy and fast formed and remove stunning artwork, and depends on the paper clips that were dispensed with a recycling, where those papers are pasted on

surfaces, consisting of distinctive technical forms either Decopage Montage

It is one of the old species of the art of dumbnade, which began in China and where the images are cut and poured on the frames or wood paintings, which highlights its beauty and gives them a sophisticated technical form, and changes by a valuable pieces to a high value decorator.

Senior dumb

Of the species that have been developed from some other species, and there are wonderful combinations of images that are arranged by each other than some different dimensions to show the image in 3D tags, this type requires a high quality accuracy and proficiency in adhesive and arranging

The art of dumbnade between revolution and wealth

The art of tissueb has recently become a revolution in the world of art worldwide, where the list of sponsors and art industry and an increase in high-cost entry has been high. The gains from behind those handicrafts are approximately $ 100 billion, although it depends on some The modern furniture and home decorations on the art of taqubag were relied on the art of the art of art and made him a lot of their first destination in changing their homes a radical change, so the state had a great care by launching the main initiative in the financing of small projects and lending to youth What makes the art of the tissuegg a major revolution achieved a greater fortune for many young people seeking the residues of leaves and unwanted wastes with some simple paints and the most simply materials to reflect rare art pieces sold by the most expensive

The most important questions about the art of dictators?

What are the requirements of the art of dictators? The art of taquiag requires a range of important tools, including paper and surfaces that are working, sagging, scissors and varnishes to polish the artwork that has been made after completion. How can I take advantage of the design element in the art of dumbtag? Make sure the images are nicely arranged before adhesion, with their

final format in a unique design grabs and gain large materials when selling, with clean the technical widget well depending on sponge cutting. Do you cockcap of profitable businesses? If you have a technical talent and later in the work of the art paintings depending on the art of dumbtag, you can exploit these hobbies in the work of a profitable project enable from obtaining a distinct material income

after marketing products between knowledge and friends and promotion in the commercial field and its ability to be asked Does the actions include printing on glass? Due to the ease of cockpow art and it is a distinctive technical nature using tools and equipment that does not cost much physical burdens, in which paper scraps and images are arranged in doubt a special technician and paste

on the parents and paintings and also parlets So we have been told to question how the art of the dumbnade and achieved a great physical income? Through this article, after we know everything about the art of tissue of raw materials and

supplies do not incur large money at first but can finally achieve more physical gains, so they are within low-cost projects that depend on the sense of technical

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